What Is Social Media Optimization ?

What Is Social Media Optimization ?

Where we’ll understand social media marketing first. So what is social media marketing and the aim of it. So far you may have thought social media is make a page on face book post things on twitter, YouTube or anywhere else.

Main aim of social media marketing.

Run ads? right?

But social media marketing is not limited to this If your customer wants to ask you this question and is unable to come to your store then he can use social media. He can ask you question on face book or tweet.

So this is a part of social media marketing or maybe I want to recruit an employee in a company and i don’t want to post on

Which you may have seen nowadays, we post on our face book wall that you need an employee. Your friends of friends etc.

Can refer you? You can easily hire a person and the company who takes commission for this won’t be needed!!

So social media is beyond your mind. That social media is just posting on page. Okay we no doubt use social media for sales.

If we want to sell our product. Then we can use our product via social media and create brand awareness.

It’s a good way of brand awareness. There’s a person who doesn’t know about your product.

Can we start a whats app chat

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