What Is Content Marketing ?​

What Is Content Marketing ?

Content marketing is blogs, its ebooks it’s podcast, it’s videos, it’s anything that you can realistically consume. On a more kind of philosophical level what it really comes down to is providing free or additional value to your target users or the users that you already have.

One of my favorite examples of content marketing is an infographic that’s because it combines text and visuals to create a story, to tell a story.

For example, if you post an infographic on social media or send out an email blast and that goes viral then there’s just so many more ways that you can generate more blog views, landing page views and anything like that to establish more credibility, expertise, thought leadership and ultimately leads and sales.

I think that content does three things primarily. It provides inspiration, it provides information and it is entertaining and there’s always going to be overlap. Each of those plays a very important role in helping somebody solve one of these individual pain points that contribute to the overall problem that the product actually solves. If it’s new information, perhaps it’s providing a piece of new information a new piece of data that allows them to make an informed decision.

Perhaps that informed decision is purchasing the product itself. if it’s inspiration, maybe it’s showing them what they can accomplish when they actually address that pain with that new information/ And of course, it has to be entertaining because our eyeballs are distracted our brains are distracted all over the place and we need something that’s gonna keep our eyes glued.

Alot of people think, “Ok, I’m going to put this blog out there super high-quality it’s this great story, it’s great information and then everyone’s going to find it on the internet!” It doesn’t quite work that way. You have to allow for people to share, you have distribute it on social media or on other distribution platforms and there are a number to choose from, both paid and organic.

So, you need to make sure that the content is being distributed in a way that people can find it and will find it. Whatever you’re using your content for it’s important to know how it’s working and why it’s working. If you’re looking at bounce rate or you’re looking at traffic or whatever it is that’s gonna be a very different kind of measurement.

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